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About Impakt Web Design

Impakt Web Design are based in Dudley, West Midlands. Our team have spent

their entire life working with computers, from web design to creating systems.


After listening to a friend complain about how expensive it is to create a website she liked and how free websites do not give her the freedom she required. We decided to form Impakt Web Design an affordable custom website design solution.


Impakt can provide you with a bespoke, high quality web site at a realistic price, we know that most small to medium sized businesses do not want to spend thousands of pounds on their online marketing, this is one of the main reasons we formed to prevent this.


There is no need to have a 'template based' website that just fades into insignificance because it looks like so many others. With a little imagination, together, we can create a site that turns those potential customers into actual customers.


Call or email us today and let's start the ball rolling.

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